Wall mounted charging pile design strengthens product form and brand characteristics

Wall mounted charging pile design strengthens product form and brand characteristics

In order to promote the healthy and rapid development of China's new energy electric vehicle technology industry,the giant corporate culture is constantly accelerating the construction and popularization of charging piles,and working hard to improve the utilization rate and economic and social benefits of charging piles.At present,there are many charging piles in the market,such as AC charging pile,DC charging pile,AC/DC integrated charging pile,floor charging pile,wall mounted charging pile,etc.,which can meet the requirements of different environments.For example,the design of our wall mounted charging piles positioned in the parking lot has visually strengthened the brand cultural characteristics of the enterprise's product development form.




1.Design of DC wall mounted charging pile

This is the design of the national standard DC charging pile.Its shape is simple and smooth,and its color is mainly elegant black,and its color is mainly blue.It gives people the aesthetic feeling of business technology and modern fashion visually.The elaborately made sheet metal equipment shell,with industrial design and ip54 protection grade,is sturdy and durable,and has protection functions such as overvoltage,undervoltage,abnormal charging,overload,short circuit,overheating,etc.Strong environmental adaptability ensures safe and reliable use of equipment.The overall structural design conforms to the ergonomics,supports the wall hanging and column installation work mode,the human-computer interface is intuitive,the details are handled in place,the safety management of operators is simple,and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

2.Design of wall mounted AC charging pile

The brand new standard AC gun interface and sheet metal shell have a fresh shape,streamlined design,strong sense of technology,and more meticulous processing,making the product soft and improving the visual comfort and aesthetic feeling of the product.The whole machine is compact in structure,stable in performance,high in protection grade,sturdy and durable in body,sun proof and rain proof,meeting the development requirements of various social environments of the enterprise.The charging handle of the utility model is designed in accordance with human engineering,has good hand feeling,is light and convenient to operate,and greatly improves the charging experience.

3.European standard wall mounted charging pile design

The European standard AC/DC charging pile design can fully consider the physiological and psychological characteristics of enterprise users.According to the technical requirements of teaching design,the unified sensory therapy technology and man-machine experience of the product can be shaped through the product shape,color,material,structure,process,surface and other aspects.Experience and strengthen product features to obtain a unified sense of identity from users.The appearance is round,the lines are smooth,the surface is simple,the color matching is soft,and the surface technology is fine,which makes the product feel friendly and gives people a simple and fashionable aesthetic feeling.

In recent years,the charging pile industry has developed rapidly and the market competition has become increasingly fierce.Under the premise of ensuring product service quality,enterprises need to realize their product differentiation,strengthen product brand cultural characteristics and improve their product awareness through industrial design technology innovation capabilities.Improve the added value and competitiveness of products to gain market competitive advantage.


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