Market promotion

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  Job responsibilities:

  Under the guidance of the general manager,the company is responsible for the publicity and promotion of the company.Including product promotion and service brand promotion,selection and determination of media and online marketing plans,and responsible for the overall effect of online marketing and media promotion.

  Responsible for the writing and planning of the promotion program,the excavation of channels,the establishment of the network platform and daily maintenance,WeChat public number and daily refresh and maintenance of the website.

  Responsible for managing and maintaining the company's website and media sites,improving the click rate of promotional websites,so as to improve the customer query rate.At the same time,network marketing.

  I was responsible for collecting and evaluating the status of the exhibitions,and proposed the overall planning and implementation plan of the exhibition.

  Responsible for coordinating all the work of the exhibition,ensuring the smooth completion of all tasks and responsible for the overall implementation progress of the exhibition.

  In charge of contacting and selecting various design outsourcing projects,responsible for the implementation of the project.

  To guide the production of various promotional materials,product specifications and various advertising designs.


  College degree or above in marketing.

  Be familiar with product promotion channels and be proficient in the specific operation process of promotion.

  At least 1 year experience in marketing.

  With a high degree of enthusiasm,I can work actively and actively.