Graphic Artist Designer

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  Job responsibilities:

  Responsible for the daily publicity,planning and design of the company,the layout of the company exhibition meeting;

  Advertising graphic design,production and other graphic processing;Design,production and innovation of corporate publicity materials.

  Assist other department personnel in the design and aesthetic work smoothly;

  Help web designers to grasp the style of the company's website,color matching,layout rationality,picture finishing,enterprise logo processing and so on;

  Other PC and WeChat,small program,H5 small scene design document design,modification,digital camera processing,company marketing campaign publicity materials;

  Communicate with the cooperating party to ensure the quality of all kinds of plane projects is extremely time controlled and successful acceptance.

  Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of design control,constantly improve the design level to meet the company's growing requirements.

  The company USES its own industry background and knowledge to effectively control costs in design and production.


  College degree or above in graphic design and visual communication.More than one year experience in graphic design,proficient in various graphics software such as photoshop,Coreldraw,CAD.

  New design concept,outstanding image and color expression.

  Be familiar with the post-production process of printing advertisement.